More power and increased safety

GEARWHEEL's interchangeable wheelchair wheels are adapted for manual wheelchairs.

Gearwheel The patented solution combines the ability to switch smoothly and easily between the two gears that are built into each wheel and also includes a backstop, which prevents the wheelchair from rolling backwards when used in uphill positions. The use and design do not differ significantly from ordinary wheelchair wheels. Driving uphill or in different environments only gets smoother and safer. Gearwheel provides 40% more power in downshifted position and the backstop provides increased safety.
Good on slopes "The possibility of varying gears makes everyday life easier. The downshift gives more power and with the backstop locked, the wheelchair does not roll backwards and gives time to take a new grip or rest on slopes." THAT IS HOW IT WORKS Shifting is done by turning the gear lever located on the outside of each wheel. The only thing that needs to be mounted on the wheelchair is an adapter and with it it is possible to switch to the standard wheels if the need arises. GEARWHEEL wheels have three gear positions. -1: 1 (traditional) -Disconnected -Developed + reverse lock The downshift gives about 40% more power to the drive ring when driving.
Weight 2,920 g (with tire, without pushrim)
Wheel dimensions 22", 24" or 25"
Air pressure 9 bar or PU-tires
Increase seat width ca. 3cm
Max userweight 125kg
CE marking In compliance with MDR 2017/745 class 1

What do I get when I order Gearwheel?

A Gearwheel in size 22 ", 24" or 25 "

Fine-thread tires

QR axle

Spoke guard

User manual

2 year warranty

  • For standard equipment see “What do I get when I order Gearwheel"
  • Order the required adapter
  • Select the type of pushrims 
  • NOTE Gearwheel part number is for pieces, not for sets
  • If the required adapter is not in this adapter list, check our website for updated information. If it is not there either, contact us
  • Check your order confirmation, if something is wrong or unclear contact us immediately
  • When you receive your products, please check the packaging for damage. If so, contact us before signing to receive products.

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