Push rims

Quality that gives your hands full comfort

For Decon, a push rim is not just a ring made of metal. For us, it is a high-tech product that is the connecting element between people and movement.

Push rims Quality that provides complete comfort for your hands Decon does not believe a push rim is simply a metal ring. We consider it to be a high-tech product that is the connective element between the person and the movement. From being a mass producer of push rims in many different materials, we have now chosen to focus on push rims that give the user that little bit extra. Such as Titanium and different types of friction push rims. Over the last 25 years, we have produced more than one million push rims. Our employees still produce most of them by hand. This personal commitment and precision work is a craftsmanship that is unique on the market. If you have more personal preferences for measurements and design, it is not a problem. We manufacture rings in all sizes and designs. In order to assess the comfort and quality of our push rims, we have developed a push rim demo in which all our configurations are represented. We understand better than anyone how complicated deciding on the right push rim can be. Therefore, do not hesitate to call us with any questions you have.
Material Titan, Friktion S, Polymer compact, Poly Gel, & Max Grip
Dimensions 16, 17, 19mm (Max Grip 12mm)

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