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Facts about Decon

Decon was founded as an independent company at year-end 2002. The focus then is the same as now, developing and producing quality accessories for wheelchairs. Easy to use both for users and assistants, in different situations and environments. We constantly strive to maintain a high quality level  on both products and customer service.

As entrepreneurs, we are continually working on improving  our products. We always listen to our users taking  their opinions in consideration. In this way we get a fundament for our development work and in turn the possibility of future growth.


Manufacturers of wheelchairs:

Otto Bock Scandinavia AB, Anatomic Sitt, Invacare, Panthera, Berollka, Sorg, Handicare, Proactiv, Bischoff & Bischoff, Davinci, Remploy, RGK

Decon has distributors in:

Norway, Finland, Estland, Danmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Iceland, Ireland, Poland, Canada,

Environmental policy

  • As far as is technically and economically defensible, we must design our products, processes and services in a way that does not pose a danger to people and the environment.
  • We must comply with current legislation and standards for environmental protection and the working environment.
  • Through training, give our staff the opportunity to positively influence and develop environmental work.
  • Annually establish and follow up overall and detailed environmental goals to achieve continuous improvements.
  • We shall strive to have as little negative environmental impact as possible.

Combination agreements

In Sweden there is a tradition between wheelchair manufacturers and accessory suppliers to enter into a so called combination agreement. The reason is that the manufacturers only take responsibility for their products in case original accessories are mounted on the wheelchairs. Exceptions to this can be made if a combination agreement is signed.
Many times it has caused some uncertainty about what to do or not to do to be on the safe side in case an accident should occur.

Decon Wheel has traditionally agreements with several manufacturers. When no agreement is entered into, conflicts of interest can appear. In such situations, a number of various wheelchairs will be tested together with Decon's drive unit/accessory.

MPA has issued instructions to facilitate this situation.
Can no combination agreement between the parties be made, then Decon Wheel will take over the responsibility for the combination by writing a so called product combination agreements. that means that the CE marking of the wheelchair will not change. This possibility is of course surrounded by a number of technical demands that must be met. Everything for the products to maintain their original security.

Decon Wheel has combination agreement with the following manufacturers for various products:

Otto Bock Scandinavia AB
Alu Rehab


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