The new smarter attendant control that moves you with out effort.

The Simplex attendant control is easy to mount on your wheelchair and you can easily adjust it to fit your ergonomics. Once fitted to your chair, you will experience unprecedented manuverability and control.

A smooth control unit Simplex is an accessory that can be integrated with the E-Drive electric drive system, which in turn is combined with a manual wheelchair. Simplex is designed to assist a caregiver or a relative in an assisting role when moving a wheelchair. It aims to offer power assistance and improved mobility for manual wheelchair users.
Easy to mount With the simple assembly kit, you can use Simplex for the vast majority of wheelchairs. With a few steps, you can readjust to adapt to the carer's ergonomic conditions.
Compatible Driveunit Decon E-Drive
Total measure, exkl. adapter 305x137x86 mm (WxLxH)
Total weight, exkl. adapterset 980 g
Classification (EN 12184:2022) Class B
Operating temperature -25°C to 50°C

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1 Simplex

English user manual

2 Year warranty