The electric hand bike Infinity is the perfect product for maximum mobility and flexibility

Infinity You save both time and energy by conveniently using your existing wheelchair to take you longer distances than you normally do with a manual wheelchair. The Infinity electric hand bike is the perfect product for maximum mobility and flexibility — whether it's about going down to the store or to the children's training. Infinity is easy to switch on and off, in just a few seconds you turn your manual wheelchair into a vehicle, you get a full 45km range with Infinity. With a weight of 21kg (incl. Battery) you can take Infinity with you in the car if needed. 16 ”wheels, anti-spin and engine brake make Infinity a safe product that helps you in everyday life. Program the hand bike according to your needs using the personal profile, here you can choose speed, themes, acceleration and much more. Easy adjustment of length and height, smooth on and on.
Easy on- and off connection Connect Infinity, on and off in just a few seconds.
Lightning Infinity is equipped with both front and rear lights.
Personal adjustments Personalize your Infinity and customize it to your needs. You can choose the theme, set the engine brake, speed, acceleration, language and much more.
Reverse button The reverse button has a preset speed of 3km / h.
Emergency button Should an emergency occur, there is an emergency button that makes it possible to disconnect Infinity manually.
Adapter bar Infinity can be used with most wheelchair models. Decon provides adapter sets for most wheelchairs. Should your wheelchair model not be included in the adapter list, please contact us and we will find a solution.
Accessories for Infinity Choose from a number of accessories to make your Infinity unique and equip it according to your needs. There are a number of bags, baskets, mobile phone holders and package holders. Weights for better grounding are available as accessories and are placed on both sides of the wheel.
Engine Brushless PM motor 500W
Battery type Li-Ion 48V, 10Ah (480 Wh)
Total weight 21 kg incl. battery (battery weight 3 kg)
Wheel dimension 16”
Max range (fully charged battery) 45km (driving style, surface & user weight affect the max. range)
Fuse Electronic (20A)
Max userweight 125 kg
Max gradient 8 degrees (with a userweight of 100 kg)
Battery charger 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Charging time Normal charging ca 3-4 hours
Warranty 2 years
CE marking In compliance with MDR 2017/745 class 1


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