FAQ Adventus

Adventus weighs 2,45kg

Yes, Adventus fits a fixed frame and cross frame wheelchair.

To check if it is compatible with your particular chair, contact us.

Yes, it should be a reinforced footrest for the use of Adventus.

FAQ Easywheel

Yes, Easywheel can be used on most wheelchairs on the market. If you are unsure if it fits your wheelchair, check our adapter page for compatibility or contact us.

Easywheel is available in 20",22" and 24"

Easywheel comes standard with fine-tread high pressure tires. There are other tires as an option.

PU fine tread tyre 1"

PU rough trewad tire 1"

Rough tread tire 1 "

Rough tread tire width 1 3/8 "

Fine tread tire width 1 3/8 "

No, to use Easywheel there is a special adapter needed, which makes it not possible to use the original wheels. 

Easywheel weighs approx. 3kg per wheel (the weight can be different depending on pushrims and tires)

The width increases approx. 1cm per side.

FAQ E-Drive

E-Drive weighs 7kg per wheel

In total 16kg with NimH battery and 17kg with Li-ion battery

Max. user weight is 125kg or optional 150kg for Heavy Duty E-Drive

E-Drive is available in 16", 20", 22", 24", 25" and 26"

E-Drive is suitable for almost all wheelchairs, please check the compatibility of your wheelchair on our adapter page.

E-Drive has a normal charging time of 2-3 hours. For refreah charge of the NimH battery the charging time is longer. Please read the usermanual for more infrmation about the refresh charging for the NimH battery. 

FAQ E-Move


The width of the wheelchair increases approx. with 1.8cm per side, maximum 4cm in total

The total weight is 17 kg with NimH battery (3 kg) and 18 kg with Li-Ion battery (4 kg).
Each wheel weighs 7kg

The range is approx. 20km with the NimH battery and 35km with the Li-Ion battery. These values may vary depending on the weather, surface and user weight.

20", 22", 24", 25", 26"

It is also possible to choose different tires, drive rings and spoke protection.

Yes, please download the flight certificate and always take contact with your airline before bringing the battery on the aircraft.

Flight certificate NimH battery

Flight certificate Li-ion battery

FAQ E-Walk


The total weight of E-Walk including battery is 20kg.

The range is approx. 22 km

Yes, E-walk can be used both indorr and outdoor.

Yes, E-Walk fits most wheelchairs, please see more information on our adapter page and make sure you order the correct side bars.