Designed for active users.

Adventus is an accessory which makes it easier to use your manual wheelchair on uneven ground, in the garden on the beach and on forest trails.

Adventus Designed for active users Adventus is an accessory that makes it much easier for you to use your wheelchair on uneven ground, for example in the garden, on the beach or on paths. Even on regular surfaces, you will be much more comfortable because Adventus provides a softer ride. You can also choose to mount a package holder for Adventus, if you are going on a picnic or out shopping. You can easily mount Adventus yourself with the help of a quick coupling that clamps around the footrest. If you want to remove it temporarily, you can hang Adventus on a holder (accessory) that fits on the back of the wheelchair.
Storage holder You can easily store Adventus on the holder that is mounted on the back of your chair.
Drive easily over uneven ground Adventus attaches to the footrest of your wheelchair and turns it into a three-wheeled off-road vehicle. Driving through grass, gravel, uneven surfaces and snow becomes much easier and you experience more confidence wherever they travel!
Cross frame chair adapter Adventus can be mounted on the fottrestor on a cross frame chair with the associated adapter.
Length ca. 450 mm 
Height ca. 350 mm 
Wheel dimension 10”
Weight 2,45 kg

What do I get when I order Adventus?

1 Adventus

User manual

2 years warranty

Check that the wheelchair has a reinforced arch in Ø16, Ø18 or Ø20 mm pipe diameter

Check that the user has at least 40 mm of space between the feet (on the arch)

Check the c/c distance between the arch tubes. The distance should be between 71 and 112 mm.

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